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Living at Boys' Town

Day’s Schedule

The admitted boys are expected to share in all works of the campus and submit to all regulations, activities, and the General Discipline of the campus. The day’s schedule in DBT  includes working hours, training hours, time for religious practices, time for sports activities and extracurricular activities such as  Western Band and Church Choir etc.


Training  Programme

The boys of DBT  choose  a profession  to be trained  during their years here.  The choices are: in the Technology – Lathe,  Automobile, Welding and Electrical & Motor winding.  


The Workshops are fully equipped with adequate machinery and other equipment to facilitate sound training. DBT has lands containing large farms with poultry, ducks, turkeys and pigs, and some plantation fields and crop fields. This provides good training to the lads in farming.


At the end of their four-year training course, the DBT Certificates and NVQ Certificates are awarded to the trainees who successfully completed their 4-year residential training at a special  “Passing Out Ceremony”. We make sure all the trainees who successfully complete the Training programmer, get job opportunities in their  Relevant fields.  


All-round training imparted ensures ready employment where job opportunities are available,  or self-employment if the boys prefer to launch on their own.

Technical Skills Provided


Basic Training

Six months of Basic Training with hand tools are given to the 1st year students.  Training in measuring tools, bench tools, drill press & drilling joints & reverting, soldering and brazing, threads and thread cutting.

Electrical Training

Training is given on house wiring, Industrial wiring and repairs to electrical appliances, preparing  estimations for electrical installation, electrical control and security systems and installing, servicing & repairing of logic control systems.

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Lathe and Milling Training

Turning, Drilling and Grinding  Operations, Lathe cutting tools & drill bits grinding,  Shaping and Milling Operations.

Motor Rewinding Training

To rewind motors, transformers, repair switches and other electrical gears and to rewind fans and regulators.

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Welding Training

Personal Safety.  Working Environment. Gas cutting, Arc Filling Welding and work connected with welding.

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